Getting Started

Welcome to the DebConf videoteam Ansible documentation. The goal of this website is to step you through using our Ansible configuration in a conference setting. The Ansible roles are stored in a git repository on Salsa.

If you are involved in Debian and plan to organise an event you intent to record, please contact us! Perhaps a member of our team can attend it and help you with your setup. If not, we can certainly give you some advice, and possibly lend you some hardware.

Please check out our general documentation for information about what hardware and software we use as well as how we set that up. This guide is designed to show you how to use our Ansible setup within that general context.

While some of the Ansible setup is specific to DebConf’s needs, we would like for it to be usable for other conferences as much as possible. To this end, we welcome merge requests for improving any part of the Ansible setup and its documentation.