2. Adding a Gateway

Adding additional machines to the Voctomix setup usually requires a dedicated network. This is because the Opsis capture stream is directed to the hostname of the Voctomix machine (voctomix1 in our example). If the voctomix1 hostname is available in the local DNS (e.g. from its DHCP lease), then this should work and you can skip this step and setup the Opsis machine instead. If not, we would recommend using a gateway and a dedicated network. This is recommended for more complex setups, as the gateway also provides PXE booting and the ability to automatically configure machines on initial boot.

  1. Install Debian Stable on another machine in the same manner you installed the Voctomix machine. Make the hostname gw.

  2. If your gateway is to a wireless network, make sure this is configured and working

  3. Once it is installed, run the following as root:

    $ apt install git ansible
    $ git clone https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-video-team/ansible
    $ cd ansible
  4. Edit inventory/group_vars/all and change the following:

      - keys:
          - <Place your ED25519 SSH public key here>
  5. Edit inventory/host_vars/gw.yml and change the following:

    eth_local_mac_address: <Your wired local network MAC address>
    eth_uplink_mac_address: <Your uplink MAC address>
  6. Run:

    $ ansible-playbook --inventory inventory/hosts --connection local -l gw site.yml
  7. When it completes successfully, restart the machine.

  8. Connect the gateway to the Voctomix machine over a gigabit network and restart the Voctomix machine.