3. Adding an Opsis Machine

The next step is to add a Numato Opsis board and capture PC for capturing presentations. The hardware setup for this can be found here. The basic layout is:

  • The presenter’s laptop connects to the Opsis HDMI input

  • The Opsis HDMI output connects to the projector

  • The Opsis USB capture connects to a capture PC sitting next to it.

  • The capture PC is connected to the Voctomix machine over a gigabit ethernet network.

The Opsis is configured through a USB serial console. Flashing an Opsis with new firmware is described in the official documentation. For details on accessing the Opsis board to troubleshoot or change its setup, look at our general documentation on the subject.

  1. Install Debian Stable on another machine in the same manner you installed the Voctomix machine. Make the hostname opsis1.

  2. Once it is installed, run the following as root:

    $ apt install git ansible
    $ git clone https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-video-team/ansible
    $ cd ansible
  3. Edit inventory/group_vars/all and change the following:

      - keys:
          - <Place your ED25519 SSH public key here>
  4. Run:

    $ ansible-playbook --inventory inventory/hosts --connection local -l opsis1 site.yml
  5. When it completes successfully, restart the machine.