Opsis board

This section does not cover how to flash an Opsis board with the HDMI2USB firmware. If you are using a DebConf board, chances are that we already flashed it for you. If you have to flash a board yourself, please consult the relevant documentation.

To access the Opsis board, you will need a TTY terminal application. We recommend you use tio since it works and is available in Debian:

$ apt install tio

Depending on your exact setup and the projector you use, it may be necessary to connect to the board via USB serial to set up the right video modes. This can be done using:

$ tio /dev/ttyACM0

Here is a sample of the help menu:

Available commands:
help        - this command
reboot      - reboot CPU
mdio_dump   - dump mdio registers
mdio_status - show mdio status
pattern (p) - select next pattern

status commands (alias: 's')
    status                         - print status message once
    status short                   - print status (short) message once
    status <ono              - repeatedly print status message
    status short <on/off>          - repeatedly print (short) status message

video_matrix commands (alias: 'x')
    video_matrix list              - list available video sinks and sources
    x l                            - list available video sinks and sources
    video_matrix connect <source>  - connect video source to video sink
    x c <source> <sink>            - connect video source to video sink

video_mode commands (alias: 'm')
    video_mode list                - list available video modes
    m l                            - list available video modes
    video_mode <mode>              - select video mode
    video_mode custom <modeline>   - set custom video mode
    video_mode secondary <mode>    - select secondary video mode
    video_mode s <mode>            - select secondary video mode
    video_mode secondary off       - turn off secondary video mode

change heartbeat status (alias: 'h')
    heartbeat <on/off>             - Turn on/off heartbeat feature

hdp_toggle <source>              - toggle HDP on source for EDID rescan

output0 commands (alias: 'o0')
    output0 on                     - enable output0
    output0 off                    - disable output0

output1 commands (alias: 'o1')
    output1 on                     - enable output1
    output1 off                    - disable output1

input0 commands (alias: 'i0')
    input0 on                     - enable input0
    input0 off                    - disable input0

input1 commands (alias: 'i1')
    input1 on                     - enable input1
    input1 off                    - disable input1

encoder commands (alias: 'e')
    encoder on                     - enable encoder
    encoder off                    - disable encoder
    encoder quality <quality>      - select quality
    encoder fps <fps>              - configure target fps

debug commands (alias 'd')
    debug pll                      - dump pll configuration
    debug input0 <on/off>          - debug dvisampler0
    debug input1 <on/off>          - debug dvisampler1
    debug ddr                      - show DDR bandwidth
    debug dna                      - show Board's DNA
    debug edid                     - dump monitor EDID