We use Ansible to configure all of our machines. You don’t need to be familiar with Ansible to use our playbooks, but it surely helps, especially if you want to customise your setup.

You can find our Ansible git repository here. Each role is documented within its own directory, with the high level README giving an explanation on how to hack on the ansible setup.

If you have never used Ansible before, don’t worry. The documentation is pretty well made. You can also find a very basic guide on how to get started with Ansible on this page.

Before trying to use our playbooks, we recommend you get to know our setup some more. We classify machines during the install by their role and you will have a hard time understanding what Ansible does if you don’t have a basic idea of what you are trying to build.

Using Our Playbooks

A default configuration that supports one room, with three machines (gateway, vocotomix and opsis) is described in our Ansible Documentation. There is also documentation around using a separate configuration repository for more complicated setups.