Video archive

You can find our video archive here. If you prefer, you can also watch our videos on Peertube or on YouTube.

We are using automated tools to generate metadata from our video archive and then use this data to upload the videos to YouTube.

Managing the archive

The video archive lives on and is managed with git-annex. In depth documentation on how to use git-annex is available here.

Working on viardot directly


If you decide to work on viardot directly, it is important to make the changes as the videoteam user.

Once a video has gone through the entire review pipeline, it should be added to viardot from (our current SReview machine) automatically using the sreview-upload script.

Once files are on viardot, you need to add them to the git-annex repository:

sudo -u videoteam git annex add $path
sudo -u videoteam git annex sync -m "Your commit message"

Working from a local copy


If possible, we recommend you work on viardot directly. Files created by pushing with your local user will not be owned by the videoteam user by default and this will cause problems for other team members.

You’ll need to have access to viardot to clone and sync the archive:

git clone ssh://$

You can also download the full archive, but beware, it’s more than 1.5 TB of data:

git annex get

To add new data:

git annex add $path
git annex sync -m "Your commit message"

To edit data:

git annex unlock $path
# edit what needs editing
git annex add $path
git annex sync -m "Your commit message"

Archive mirrors

There are a few mirrors of our video archive:

  1. official mirror, updated hourly at :54. Contact the debconf videoteam.

  2. updated 4 times per day. Contact Alexander Wirt.

  3. updated daily at 04:25 UK time. Contact

If you want to run a new mirror, please contact us! We will be more than happy to provide you with a password-protected rsync URI.