Manage and configure apt.


The tasks are divided into:

  • sources.yml: Managing /etc/apt/sources.list

  • sources.d.yml: Managing extra repos in /etc/apt/sources.d

  • config.yml: Managing APT configuration

  • local_repo.yml: Managing a local-apt-repository, containing any local debs needed.

Available variables

Main variables are:

  • debian_source: The Debian source you want to use.

  • debian_version: The Debian codename you want to use.

  • apt_proxy: Boolean variable. If set to false, it will remove the apt proxy D-I set one.

  • update_apt_sources: Boolean value. If set to false, this role won’t touch your apt source.list file.

  • enable_sid: Boolean value. Enable sid in the apt sources.

  • enable_oldstable: Boolean value. Enable oldstable in the apt sources.

  • extra_debs: List of URLs to .deb files to make available to APT.