Manage user creation, password and SSH access.


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

Main variables are:

  • user_name: Main user username.

  • user_group: Main user group.

  • user_password: Main user password in plain text. Please use ansible vault to store this variable.

  • ssh_public_keys: List of user key dicts, as described below.

  • ssh_public_keys.[]: A dict representing a person or group of keys.

  • ssh_public_keys.[].keys: List of authorized SSH keys.

  • ssh_public_keys.[].groups: Optional List of groups that these keys should be restricted to. If not specified, the keys will be deployed everywhere.

  • ssh_public_keys.[].root: Optional Boolean. If False, these keys will only give access to the main user, not root.

  • ssh_private_key: ed25519 SSH private key to install for the main user.

  • time_zone: Timezone using the tzdata format.

  • ssh_password_auth: Boolean. If true, users can login via SSH with a password.