This role sets up a prometheus server ready to scrape data from other hosts in its network. It also optionally configures Alertmanager to alert to IRC.


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

The main variables for this role are:

  • prometheus_targets_directory: Directory to import exported target definitions from.

  • prometheus_alertmanager_irc.irc_host: The IRC network host for alerting

  • prometheus_alertmanager_irc.irc_port: The IRC port for alerting

  • prometheus_alertmanager_irc.nick: The IRC nick to use for alerting

  • prometheus_alertmanager_irc.webhook_host: The hostname to listen for webhooks on

  • prometheus_alertmanager_irc.webhook_port: The port to listen for webhooks on

  • The channel to alert to