Manage and configure the web control interface for voctomix


The tasks are divided this way:

  • tasks/nginx.yml: Manage nginx and TLS certificates.

  • tasks/vogol.yml: Manage package installation and the vogol files.

Available variables

Main variables are:

  • room_name: Name of the room where you are recording. Displayed to the user.

  • user_name: Main user username.

  • vogol.presets: Optional. Dictionary of presets, keyed by preset ID.

  • vogol.presets.[].name: String. The preset’s name, displayed in UI.

  • vogol.presets.[].video_a: String. The preset’s A video source.

  • vogol.presets.[].video_b: Optional String. The preset’s B video source.

  • vogol.presets.[].composite_mode: String. The preset’s composite mode.

  • vogol.presets.[].audio_solo: List of strings. The audio sources to solo for the preset.

  • vogol.recordings: Directory containing videos to play back.

  • vogol.server_name: The FQDN of the vogol server.

  • vogol.gitlab_client_id: Client ID for OpenID Connect to Gitlab. Optional, public when unset.

  • vogol.gitlab_client_secret: Client Secret for OpenID Connect to Gitlab. Optional, public when unset.

  • vogol.gitlab_name: String. Name of the Gitlab server, to display to the user.

  • vogol.gitlab_url: URL of the Gitlab server to use. Optional, public when unset.

  • vogol.gitlab_group: Group on gitlab, required for access. Optional, any when unset.

  • vogol.video_only_sources: Optional. List of strings. Names of sources that don’t have audio.

  • letsencrypt_well_known_dir: Directory where to store the /.well-known/ data for the Let’s Encrypt http-01 challenge.

Other variables used are:

  • skip_unit_test: Used internally by the test suite to disable actions that can’t be performed in the gitlab-ci test runner.