This role sets up a Jitsi server ready for clients to create rooms and have meetings.


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

The main variables for this role are:

  • jitsi_meet_domain: Domain that users use to connect to the Jitsi Meet server
  • jigasi.caller_id: The Caller ID to provide on outbound calls
  • jigasi.conference_mapper: URL for the Jitsi Conference Mapper API.
  • jigasi.dial_out_trunk: Name of the trunk to use for all outbound calls. Disabled if not specified.
  • jigasi.numbers: Dictionary of phone numbers to advertise to users. Key: Country Code, Value: List of phone numbers.
  • jigasi.password: The password Jigasi will authenticate itself to Asterisk with.
  • jigasi.trunks: A list of SIP trunks for inbound/outbound calls.
  • jigasi.trunks.[].transport: SIP transport (tls or udp).
  • jigasi.trunks.[].server: SIP server name.
  • jigasi.trunks.[].realm: SIP authentication realm name.
  • jigasi.trunks.[].username: SIP username.
  • jigasi.trunks.[].password: SIP password.
  • jigasi.trunks.[].extension: SIP incoming extension (probably the DID).
  • jigasi.trunks.[].sdes: Boolean. Encrypt RTP voice streams.
  • jigasi.trunks.[].codecs: List of strings. Codec names permitted on this trunk.
  • jibri.password: The password Jibri will authenticate itself to prosody with
  • jibri.recorder_password: The password Jibri will authenticate itself to prosody with during a call it is streaming