Manage and configure the drivers for the Blackmagic SDI capture cards and other related tools.

Note that since the Blackmagic drivers are not free software, they can’t be freely redistributed.

If you want to use this role, you will have to host them yourself. Drivers can be found here. Scroll down to “Latest Downloads”, and select the most recent Linux release of “Desktop Video”. Extract it in e.g. /srv/pxe/bm on your DHCP server (as that is served by nginx), and set the URLs to the .debs as global variables.

The DKMS version is visible in the filenames in /usr/src/blackmagic-* in the desktopvideo package (e.g. dpkg-deb -c desktopvideo.deb).

Latest version tested: 10.9.5 – 2017-09-07


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

Main variables are:

  • blackmagic.urls.*: URL to the Debian package for all Blackmagic packages. The key for the desktopvideo package must be called desktopvideo.
  • blackmagic.dkms_version: Blackmagic’s DKMS version to install.