Installs and configures encoders for the sreview video reviewing system.


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

NOTE: this task has not been tested in production.

Available variables

  • sreviewdbpw: password to the SReview database. Should be stored in a vault, or passed at initial installation using ansible-playbook -e sreviewdbpw=$VALUE (ansible role does not write the SReview config file unless this variable is defined)

  • sreview.dbhost: hostname of the machine running the SReview database. Defaults to

  • sreview.wwwhostname: hostname of the machine serving the preview files over https. See the SReview documentation on the vid_prefix configuration parameter for details.

  • sreview.preroll: filename of an SVG file containing preroll credits

  • sreview.postroll: filename of an SVG file containing postroll credits

  • sreview.fontpackages: Any fonts needed for the preroll/postroll SVG templates

  • sreview.fontextras: URL list. Extra fonts that can’t be installed via packages.

  • nfs_server: the server on which the common state for SReview will be stored. That server should have the nfs-server role enabled.

  • sreview.cut_cmd, sreview.preview_cmd, sreview.transcode_cmd, sreview.notify_cmd, sreview.upload_cmd, sreview.announce_cmd, sreview.inject_cmd: the commands to run in the relevant SReview state. The defaults should Just Work, but sometimes you might want to add an sreview-skip command, or so.