Manages /etc/interface and /etc/hosts files. Using this module disables the hosts management function in the pxe/dhcp-server role.


Tasks are separated in two different parts:

  • tasks/interfaces.yml manages the network interface.
  • tasks/hosts.yml manages the hosts file.

Available variables

Main variables are:

  • staticips.gateway: Gateway for the DHCP server to advertise (Default: self)

  • staticips.hosts: A list of machines that may be PXE imaged.

    Each item is a dictionary of:

    • hostname: Hostname of the machines.
    • ip: IP Address.
    • fqdn: Fully-qualified domain name. If not present, defaults to hostname concatenated with the domain name configured for the setup.
    • aliases: Any aliases to be configured for the host in hosts files.
    • mac: Ethernet MAC address.
    • comment: A text comment field.
    • tasks: List of extra tasks to install.
    • disk: Path to the primary install disk. (Defaults to the default_install_disk variable)
    • noipxe: Disable chain load the iPXE client. DebConf videos’ HP laptops don’t seem to like it.
    • pxeflags: List of flags for pxe boot. The flags can be:
      • force-autoinstall: Force automatic installation on pxe boot. When the mac address is set, this will cause d-i to start and wipe the machine. USE WITH CAUTION! When the mac address is not set, d-i will start and ask for the hostname.
    • interfaces_extra_config: List of extra lines to add to the /etc/network/interfaces entry.
  • staticips.write_hosts: Boolean. Write the contents of staticips.hosts into /etc/hosts.

  • staticips.write_interfaces: Boolean. Write the machine's details into/etc/network/interfaces` rather than using DHCP.